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Your Gundam Universe
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Gundam creations' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
11:43 pm
GAT-X000 Arcane
This is my first Gundam made for the SEED series,but not the first MS I`ve made.Enjoy reading it

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There is no picture of it cause I want you all to imagine it like you want it. I have my own Imagination and you have yours. so try it

Current Mood: crazy
Friday, August 26th, 2005
2:58 am
Gundam Frontier Next
Some mobile suits and ships from the sequel to Side Frontier
(Gundam Frontier --> Gundam Side Frontier --> Gundam Frontier Next)

SBC:So-001 (Ballenato Class): Lima
S.A.G.E Batallion Ship: Special Ops-01

Exas Gundam
Strike Zaku
Dragisil Gundam
Gaia Destiny
S-Bawoo x2

NBS-003 (Ballenato Class): BrookVille
NewMan Batallion Ship-03:

Angelus Commander Type Mk. H(alo)
Angelus Mk. K(en)
Angelus Mk. C(annon)
Angelus Mk. M(ily)
Anglues Mk. Z(ephyr)

KnBS-01 (Kusanagi nu Class): Olympia
Kusanagi nu Batallion Ship: Olympia

GOUF Destiny
GOUF Phantom
GOUF Warrior x4

STBF-002: SandRock
S.A.G.E. Terrestrial Batallion Fortress-02: SandRock

Versatile Gundam Commander Type
BaCuw x7
2:41 am
Gundam Fontier
My own gundam univer and mobile suit variations:

EMV_EMBASSY mobile suit variation creation
EMS_EMBASSY mobile suit creation

RXE_Re-engineered prototype

RXN-Prototype for newtype

BWS-Back Weapons System
MWS-Mobile Weapons Supoter
(W)-BWS Compatible

E##-Belonging currently to EMBASSY

Embasy Mobile Suits

EMV-05M(W)- Liberty Gundam (Mili combat type)
-Heat knife x2 (stored in legs)
-V beam sabre x1 (stored in skirt)
-E-packs x2(stored in skirt)
-Impulse gun (stored in skirt)
-Vulcan cannon x2 (shoulder mounted)
-Hook mounts x2(based on shoulder piece)
-Super flare pods x8(stored in hands)
-grappler hook (left arm)

-SWV (Shield Weapons Variation)-
x4 misiles(EM missiles)
x1 LR beam cannon
x2 micro-missile pods.

-(missile pods x2)
-(EM cannon)

-BWS-E01 Compatible
x2 beam sabers
x2 cannons

EMV-02Z- Orchidis Z (transformable type)
EMV-04C- Blast Gundam (cannon type)

EMS-02B- Brigadier Gundam (battle type)

RXE-0082-2(W)- Mk.7 Victory Gundam (All purpose type)
RXN-XT-07FV-2(W)- Vernier Gundam 2 (high mobility)

BWS-E01- Colibri
BWS-E02- Vernier PluS
MWS-E03- Valkyrie


HEOP (Earth Military) Mobile suits

RXN-XT08 Gundam Solaris_________Prototype for Newtype 08: Gundam Solaris
-Solar system
-Solar rifle

RXN-XT06 Gundam Trinity_________Prototype for Newtype 06: Gundam Trinity
-'Hound' funnels

RXE-0082 Mk.6(V Gundam)_________Re-Engineered Prototype 0082 Mark 6: Victory Gundam

RXN-XT07FV Vernier Gundam_______Prototype for Newtype 07: Full Vernier Gundam
-Vernier system Mk.2

2:26 am
first post.
These are earlier creations.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
MS98-2 [Re] Titan Mk.2b>

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Spares parts for the RX-82 GT05: Victory 82 "Victory"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Study of NG-RX-02 GP05-S: GundamZephyr
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